Monday, October 11, 2010

Confronting Bronston...

 Okay so today, I am going to do something different, when the story ends with a decision needing to be made, instead of having options, I am going to leave it completely up to the commenter's on what needs to happen!  You can come up completely with your own, or if you see another commenter's idea that you like, you can agree with theirs, here we go! 

             You pace around your room all the while looking back at Petrys body.  You take a deep breath and burst through your door.  At that moment you feel the ship jerk and begin to move.  You are already taking off!  You run to the pilots area expecting to see Ginga at her station.  
             "Ginga! I.." you begin.  
             The tall black chair wheels around to reveal no Ginga, but Bronston!  Taken aback you just stare.  
              "Wher...where is Ginga?" you ask while taking a step back.
Bronston stands up. 
             "We need to talk." He begins to walk to the kitchen. You follow.  He sits down at the table and motions for you to sit down also.  You look around and slowly sit down.  He begins immediately.
              "Ginga was a spy.  She was hired from an unknown source to purposely delay our rescue mission. Possibly even kill us."
You stare with eyes wide.  
              "But I have known Ginga since..."
              "I know.  Globalcon did an extensive background check also, we didn't know."
            You are so confused, should you believe him?  You decide to come clean about everyone.  You HAVE to know the truth.
             "I...I saw you the alley.  I got the package you dropped. I saw the contents. and....Petry is gone because of those contents. He told me Ginga was in danger.  Now what is going on?!" Your voice raises.
             Bronston shifts in his chair.
             "That is how I found out about Ginga.  I saw on her personal computer she had made quick plans to meet with someone.  In fact she was suppose to meet with him because he was going to pose as a worker when she wanted someone to come refuel us.  I made her stay with the ship and I went to meet the man she was suppose to.  I told him she sent me and he told me what the company wanted her to do.  He gave me the package and upon learning what she was going to do, I threw it down.  I am sorry about Petry. As far as what he said, Ginga probably programmed that in case it got stolen. "  
           You sit back in your seat.
           "Where is she?" you finally ask.
           "I have her locked in the emergency lockdown quarters."
           "I am going to speak to her."
           Bronston immediately gets up.
            "No, you cannot do that.  She is trained.  She can get you to believe anything she wants. "
            Surprised at his insistence you agree that you will not.
           "Bring me what was in the package in the morning." he says as he walks out of the room.
            That doesn't actually stop you however.  You wait until all the lights are off in the private chambers and make your way down to the lockdown area.  You go down a flight of stairs to get there and its pitch black.  You see a tiny light from an almost burnt out bulb at the end of the hall in front of the cell.  You walk down quietly and see Ginga sitting on the floor with her knees into her forehead and arms tightly wrapped around her knees. 
            "Ginga..." you whisper.  
           She instantly looks up and quickly crawls to the door. 
            "Help me!!" She says quietly but wanting to scream. "Bronston is crazy!  He is a spy!  I got suspicious and he caught me trying to go through his personal computer!  He is going to kill us all!"

What Do You Do Now?

It's all up to you!
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musicnote said...

Any chance of sexy ones being posted? lol

RJ said...

Listen to what Ginga is saying, and try to sift through the lies.

DerpFiles said...

Definitely need to figure out what's going on and separate lies from truth.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post!

Anonymous said...

interesting post

Nailgun said...

Man up, grab a chainsaw, and go to town

infostation said...

I agree with RJ and Derpfiles. Listen to Ginga, sort through what is truth and what is a lie. Great stuff by the way.

kmartsmartsuperstar said...

Dang. I would try to sort the lies like everyone's saying, but since I've already had a bad feeling about Bronston so I would probably bust ginga out and sneak her out. Maybe even elope.

fat daddy said...

good thing it's fiction/fantasy, because using a chainsaw would definitely land a person in jail.

JillDine said...

grab a gun, place them all under citizens arrest and look for the evidence of Bronston being a spy.

anontcotrol said...

I agree with RJ

Quinn Electronics said...

I like the chainsaw idea

Dyaitsidyam∂ said...

slap ginga, and say snap out of it. tell me the truth, then go gunz blazing through the hallway after bronston

Hidden Blogger said...

Woah, chainsaw idea it is.

Barnacle said...

You are the commander here.. put them both in separate cells and try to interrogate them and make checks to see what is really going on!

Barnacle said...

You are the commander here.. put them both in separate cells and try to interrogate them and make checks to see what is really going on!

ilikeicecream said...

ill wake up since its all just a dream

Verols said...

Thats really interesting mate! waiting for more posts from u :D

Katie Greene said...

"John Stalvern waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were demons in the base. He didn’t see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to Cernel Joson were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
John was a space marine for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the spaceships and he said to dad “I want to be on the ships daddy.”
Dad said “No! You will BE KILL BY DEMONS”
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the space station base of the UAC he knew there were demons.
“This is Joson” the radio crackered. “You must fight the demons!”
So John gotted his palsma rifle and blew up the wall.
“HE GOING TO KILL US” said the demons
“I will shoot at him” said the cyberdemon and he fired the rocket missiles. John plasmaed at him and tried to blew him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
“No! I must kill the demons” he shouted
The radio said “No, John. You are the demons”
And then John was a zombie."

Dan said...

I like the old font style...
But kill bronston, hes a lying jerk!

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