Friday, October 8, 2010

Refueling At the nearby planet.


           You glance around at all the faces staring back at you for your decision.  Your mind goes a mile a minute weighing options.  "I think we should refuel at the nearby planet" You say finally, in a very firm voice.  
Ginga huffs as she turns around and walks on.  Bronston gives you a quick head nod and turns and walks out.  Petry rolls up next to your bed.  "Sorry Pete" You say as you roll back over and go to sleep.

  You wake up to Petry's voice.
  "We have landed Sir"
"Thanks. How long was I out?"
"It only took us two hours to land here, Sir"
"Very well.  Hey Pete, maybe while we are here, we can see about getting your software updated at a Globalcon station!  You have been needing that for a long while."
                You pile out of bed and change your clothes.  You walk the ship to find your other crew members.  You find them in the dining area eating a meal that smelled surprisingly delicious.  You sit down as Atton slides a plate your way across the long counter.  "How long should the ship take to fix and refuel?" you ask to no one specific.
"If we find someone who knows what they are doing it shouldn't take more than a few hours." Gruffs Bronston.

                     You go the the ship's door and it slowly slides down.  The bright light hits your eyes and makes you squint. But this was different.  The light, instead of being a yellowy white that you were use to, had more of a blue tint to it.  "That's new" you thought to yourself.  You step out and Petry rolls alongside you.  Lets go find a station while they take care of the ship.  You walk along the paved grass-less ground and see many little buildings.  They look well constructed but you don't see anything over the size of a small house.  As you continue to walk down the street you see people scuffling around, going about their daily routines.  They look the same as you, they do seem a tad bit shorter than average though.  You now see shacks along the street of people selling strange shaped fruit and what you guess to be meat.  Nothing really looks that appetizing to you unfortunately.  
                   You've been walking around for an hour or so with Petry really just enjoying the sites, thinking you would have eventually ran into a station, but you haven't seem anything even resembling one.  You walk up to one of the short men running a small booth with jewelry for sale.  The jewelry was really like nothing you had ever seen before in your was so beautiful, so natural.  Any color you could imagine, swirled into smooth beads that had been strung into beautiful intricate designs.  Some beads as large and flat as your palm and some as small as a grain of sand, intricately woven.  You begin to ask the man about the station when all of a sudden out of the corner of your eye you see strange movement off in the distance.  You look past the man your talking to and see two buildings with a dark alleyway in between.  You distinctly see the figures...two figures...but what catches your eye is one of them looks strangely familiar.  A large shadow...with wide shoulders.  It's Bronston!  "But what could he be doing there?" you think.   Your eyes get wider as you see the big figure obviously start to get mad at the other figure he is talking to.  He began to throw his fists in the air and you could hear faintly his loud booming voice.  You see the second figure shrink in fear and hand him a package of some sort, or maybe an envelope.  The large figure grabs it and throws it into the ground and stomps it and then storms off.  The second figure does the same.  

What Do You Do Now?
1.  You wait awhile and sneak over to the now empty alley.  You decide you want to know what was being so maliciously stomped.  

2.  You decide to to go to the alley right away for fear that someone would come back and collect whatever it was that was left, and you decide to go confront Bronston about the strange conversation.  You are sure it is a misunderstanding.

3. You decide to bring it up later to Bronston and for now you want to get Petry's update worked out worried that without it, he may start having problems.
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Michele said...

Cool post man!!

Totalitarian said...

Whoa nice story, i choose 2

Barnacle said...

I trust that Bronston will tell me straight away if it is important.. and if he doesn't, I will ask him about it politely.. I trust this man with my life.

JillDine said...

1. definitely 1.

Katie Greene said...

first option. always the first option.

Anonymous said...

interesting post thnx man ;)

OneFourSeven said...

1. Alley. Check it out.

mandellameats said...

interesting story

Nailgun said...

I choose 1, be a man

Dan said...

3. Forget about it, it was just a misunderstanding! Help out Petry, we've been mean to him for too long!

Verols said...

2. i might think, ahrd to choose :D

Quinn Electronics said...


kmartsmartsuperstar said...

2. He's my bff. Gotta get him better. And jeez, makes me not wanna walk in alleys in real life. Lol

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