Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sneaking into the alley...

                 You send Petry back at the ship to find out what time the takeoff is planned for.  You stare at the empty alley and think of what to do.  At that moment you realize that the man standing in front of you who you asked a question was now just staring at you with a questioning look on his face.  
             "are you alright son?" he said.
             "Oh!  I'm fine!" you say as you jump back into the conversation.
              You find out the location of the nearest station and you walk around the area constantly keeping an eye out for Bronston while you walk closer and closer to the alley.  
Finally...there you the end of the long dark tunnel like area.  You glance around one more time and step into the shadows.
              You walk slowly and on edge, jumping at any slight noise. The ground, no longer paved, stirs up light brown dust with each step you take.  You see the package!  You kneel down and look at it.  It's a dark brown package that is now covered with dirt dust.  It doesn't have any writing on it.  But it looks quite mangled from the stomping.  You pick it up and begin to open it.  Instead of sticking your hand inside you tip the package so it's contents tumble out.  You see a electronic device of some sort, its been badly damaged so it's hard to tell what it originally was.  You examine it then put it back down.  There is a strange orange vile of liquid.  It's no larger than two fingers put together.  With a small corklike stopper holding the liquid in, you shake it as if it would help you to identify its contents.  You then notice a very small envelope.  You tear it open and a single piece of paper falls out.  Written on it, it says " When the time comes".  You turn the paper over and over trying to make sense of it.  You put all the things back in the package and put it under your coat.  You decide to take them back and see what Petry thinks.

                 You have already told Petry the whole story and are now showing him the contents.  
"This is very odd indeed, Sir" he says worriedly. He picks up the electronic device and pulls out a small piece from inside it.  He then proceeds to lower a door on his chest and inserted it inside. His eyes lit up as the contents spilled out in front of them.  You watched in anticipation as you waited to hear anything.
All of a sudden, Petry begins to yell!
              His eyes go black and his head slouches forward.  Your heart is racing. 
"Pete?.....PETE??" You start to shake him.  "Petry!!! Wake up!!"  You continue shouting and yelling as you begin to cry, knowing that he is not going to wake up.  You sit back on your heels, your face red as you stare at his powerless body.  "what have I done?" you think to yourself.  Petry had been your best friend as long as you can remember.  

What Do You Do Now?

1.  You, now angered more than you have ever been in your life, decide to check on Ginga, and confront  Bronston with your shipmates help.  You want to know NOW what is going on before this ship moves an inch.

2.  You, thinking now only of Petry decide to chance the ship leaving without you by running back out onto the planet and finding the Globalcon station, thinking that they will be able to fix him there.  Knowing that the chances are slim, but if ANY time is wasted, there will be no hope.

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JillDine said...

hmmm, this is a hard one, but i'd have to insist one number 1 even if i would be fed a lie.

Dan said...

1! 2 would be fine, but Petry is a cool guy and doesn't lie.

RJ said...

1 - confront Bronston

ilikeicecream said...

i pick 1

Splash87 said...




IndustrialHaze said...

super awesome

FunkyFurball said...

Honestly Id go with 1.
I love how awesome this is. :)

Michele said...

Great read!Thanks!!:)

Michele said...

Cool post mate!!:D

Futomara said...

Did this really happen?

I don't know, but this did.


Quinn Electronics said...

great story

Barnacle said...

We need to know what the heck is going on here..

Hidden Blogger said...

#2! Wait...yeah! XD

Anonymous said...

#1. Fix the robot later.

Classically Trained Nub said...

This is an amazing idea for a blog! Anyway, I choose 1. Gotta put my foot down before this crap goes any further.

The Music Guru said...

Hmm I think 1.

Dyaitsidyam∂ said...

#1!! go go go

The Loon said...


Do Not See The Point said...

Awesome! Just found this blog and it's sweet... I'm not informed enough to make a decision, there's just too much to read right now, but I'll get back to it.

You should check out my blog too! Oh, I hope you don't mind, but I was clicking on a bunch of your links.

Hotsaucer said...

#1 all the way.

!Cars, Cars, Cars! said...

Amazing read thank you!

Anon said...


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