Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Space Adventure Begins!

I would like to give a quick thanks to everyone who commented and is following!  Thank you so much for your input and support!

The Story Begins....

Your eyes slowly adjust to the light coming in from your bedroom window.   "Good Morning, Sir"  says a familiar voice.  You look over to see Petry, your friend and helper robot.  He is holding up for you a buffet of freshly made food and juice.  "Good morning" you mumble as you swing your legs out of bed.   You take the tray and begin eating as Petry watches, waiting to take your dishes.  "Any new news on the missing laboratory ship Pete?" "Not yet, sir.  Globalcon is still searching. "  You continue to munch.  You glance over at your personal hologram computer and see a new news alert flashing on the screen.  You click it and a newsbot pops up on the screen.  You continue eating as he begins to speak.  "...new developments on the missing Globalcon Lab ship #815.  The last reported location was sent into us from the ship just a few hours ago.  The ship seems to be located in the Sierg Galaxy..."  You click off the newscast.  "Sir, I hope your rescue team doesn't get called out for that. " Petry says worriedly.  You look over at Petry as he begins to clear away your dishes.  "But Pete, I would have to go if they called, and you know that."
"But sir, the statistics alone make any choice to go out in that galaxy foolish!  Less than 3% of ships ever return!  More than 90% of those are just never heard from again!  Just lost forever! And on the off chance you do return, you are carrying so many unknown parasites and organisms with you, that Globalcon would never release you for the rest of your life."
"Petry, you need to relax.  They haven't even called me for the mission yet."
Right as those last words escape your lips, your phone rings on your screen.  "Yes?" you say to the face now on your screen.  The thick stern man begins speaking.  "Globalcon has requested you and your teams services on the rescue mission of Lab Ship #815. Do you accept?"

What Do You Do Now?

1.  You decide to accept the mission, throwing caution to the wind, and deciding to go into uncharted dangerous territory in which there is a small chance of survival.

2.  You decide to decline the mission, reasoning that even if you somehow made it to the ship, there is no way you would both come out alive.  

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Splash87 said...

Option 1


Even said...

I dont know?

M. Paynesdown said...

Let's rescue some ships!

hunter time said...

i choose 1(this is so cool i remember how much fun the books where)

RJ said...


dubbaaa said...


Gregorius said...

1, fuck yeah!

Michele said...

Cool post man!Thanks!
Supp :D

Barnacle said...

Option 1!

Statistics schmatistics, these are innocent peoples lives we are talking about.. and my team of brave men and women knew they would have to risk their life on my team!
We're going to rescue them people!

rockStar said...

option 1, bro


Dan Smelter said...


Hidden Blogger said...

Anti-climatic #2!

thatangelokid said...

awesome post!

James Italli said...

I remember these, I used to read books like this when I was still under 4' tall. Nostalgia overload!

James Italli said...

When is the next one!

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