Sunday, October 17, 2010

Taking Bronston Down.

          You and Ginga talk and decide for another half hour or so trying to pick the perfect course. Finally it is decided, you need to confront Bronston right now, you cannot let this go any further! You grab Ginga's hand and lead her down the dark hallway. You find the steps and ever so carefully you creep up them. You come to the large metal door and put your ear against it. You hear nothing. You slowly creak the door open and walk through the darkened ship.
           You come to Attons quarters. His door is shut! Fearing making too much noise you tell Ginga to open the door while you stand and watch for Bronston. As you stand there you cringe at every slight noise and creak you hear Ginga making. You hear her whispering and within 5 minutes a surprisingly awake Atton walks out behind her.
             "Did she explain to you what is happening?" you whisper.
             He nods. You all begin slowly creeping up the the door of Bronston's quarters.
             "Ginga, quick, get the handheld and be prepared to begin calling to Globalcon so we can expose this spy right away!" you whisper quietly.
              She nods yes and takes the handheld you are holding out to her. You are now at Bronston's door. You feel your heart beating throughout your whole body. You ever so gently put your eat up the the door. It's at that time you realize a small crack in the door. You peak inside and see a small tint lightsource. You see Bronston's large figure sitting in front of it. It is then that you begin to hear talking. Some Bronston's, and some from another. You squint to see clearer. He is on call with someone! You try and make out what is being said.
           "...everything is going as planned...."
            "...ship will never be heard from again.."
            "...agreed on the end of the mission..."
            You know that he is talking to the culprit of his mission, his supervisor. You motion to Ginga to get out the mini camera to take evidence. You squint harder at the screen. You see the have seen this face before...but where....
Your eyes get wide and your face goes white.
"What??" They both say behind you. "who is it?"
"Put down the handheld Ginga..." You say quietly. "It's Globalcon."

What do you do now?

1. Knowing this is Globalcon's mission and missing ship, you decide it would be ridiculous to follow this mission any longer. It will only end badly. You decide to fake some reason to land on a nearby planet and all three of you runaway.

2. You decide as originally planned. You wait for Bronston to get off his call and take him down and worry about Globalcon later. You can't let those innocent people die!

3. You decide to abort the plan to take down Bronston, knowing that surely Globalcon will find out. So you decide to play along with Bronston's mission until you can figure out a way to outsmart him.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

You Believe Ginga....

     You take a long look into Ginga's eyes and pace around the hall.  She watches you tearfully.
     "Arn't you going to say anything?" She finally asks.
     You stop and turn to face her.  "I believe you." you say quietly.
     She breathes a deep breath of relief.
     You turn to the locking console on the cell.  It consists of a keypad and a larger electronic pad to place your hand.  You input your commanders code and place your hand for the scanner to release the door.  A little beep sounds with a little red light.  You try again.  Same outcome.  
     "What did he do?  He can't override my code!" You say as you repeatedly keep trying.
      "Wait!" said Ginga excitedly, "Maybe...maybe I can hack it. But I will need your code too."
       You raise an eyebrow.  "Go for it!"
       She stretches her arms out of the bars and begins working.
       You sit on the ground still taking in the information. You go over all the scenarios in your head.  Ginga quietly tinkers and pushes buttons repeatedly, everyonce in a while letting out a frustrated sigh.
       Finally you hear a beep, a different beep!  "Yes you got it!" You say loudly as you jump to your feet.
       Ginga is frozen. "I havn't done anything...."
       At that moment you hear footsteps.  Oh no!  It must be Bronston checking on Ginga!  You rush around in the darkness to find a place to hide.  You find a place behind some storage bins and you squat down where you can barely peek between the two crates at Ginga.  She darts back to the back of her cell and returns in the position you remember finding her in.  The heavy footsteps come closer and closer.  With nothing but a single faded light you see nothing but moving shadows to accompany the steps.  Finally you see Bronston as he stops in front of Ginga's cell.  
          "You can't get away with this you know" You hear Gingas voice ring out with a surprising amount of courage.  
         "Haha! But I already have my dear. Who is going to believe you over me? I already convinced one of your own friends you were a spy.  You have no hope.  Keep it down down here.  Don't want anyone getting suspicious.  hahah....."  He said as he began to walk back up the stairs.  
         "Eww I hate him!" Ginga said with a snarl as soon as the door closed.  
         Now assured of your decision you feel very relieved.  " Let's get you out of there"
         You two spend the next hour hacking the system and you manage to help her get out.  Once out you start to make a plan........

What Is Your Plan?

1.   Elaborate.  Ginga goes back in her cell and you pretend nothing is wrong.  You somehow tell Atton what is going on, and you two somehow sabotage the ship so you will be forced to land on a nearby planet.  Once on the planet, you will notify the authorities or maybe even leave Bronston there and take off.

2.   Immediate.  You decide to not waste any time and take Ginga, wake up Atton and take down Bronston right now.  See how he likes being thrown into the cell.

3.   Long.  Since at the moment you have no proof.  Your plan is to befriend Bronston trying to catch him at a moment where you could get the evidence Ginga failed to get and if and when you get it, you send it electronically to Globalcon.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Decide to Listen to Ginga....

Thanks for all the response!  I would like to give a quick special thanks to RJ,   Derpflies,  Infostation,  Kmartsmartsuperstar, and anontcotrol for helping pick today's storyline! :) Thanks!  

      You grab Ginga's hand through the bars.
      "Ginga, listen to me, I have known you since we were kids, but I am still the commander of this ship and team.  I have to be sure.  Start from the beginning and tell me everything."
       Ginga, as if somehow comforted to have someone who would listen, sits down on the floor of her cell, pulling your hand down forcing you to sit down as well on the other side.
        She takes a deep breath and begins..
        "Okay...I had my doubts about Bronston, I won't lie, my gut feeling was about him.  So when he walked out once we landed, I rushed into his quarters and found his personal computer.  And I...." She glances as the floor in shame. "I kind of...well I hacked into it.  There is just no better way to say it.  But! With good reason!  "She continues before even giving you a chance to chime in. "But!  I thought he was clean until I found correspondence messages.  They were talking about us!  About the labship, and the mission and US! Each one of us! "
       "What do you mean?"
        "Listen to me, HE IS A SPY.  And that's not all.  This is serious, we need to find help.  The messages were talking about the lapship first...and how..." Ginga began to cry.  "And how, they were meant to be lost!  Never meant to be rescued!  It didn't saw why.  And they were giving orders to Bronston on how to lead us in the wrong direction!  Apparently his mission was to get us lost and then before questions were asked he would have to kill himself, I am not sure how.  Then, I heard Bronston coming back into the ship so I ran out back into the brig and he didn't seem to notice.  But I didn't have proof!  So I took my mini cam and snuk back in while he had went to get some food....and that's when I saw that he had just sent out a message that said "I am very angry you would assume to waste my talent in such a way.  If it is witnesses you are worried about, I will use the 'gift' to quiet them instead." That's when Bronston came in and saw me!  He immediately grabbed me and threw me down here!"
        You mind is shocked.  So much information and you don't know what to believe.  Her story makes sense....that vile!  With the note.."when the time comes", it was for his suicide!  That would explain why he got so angry and threw the package down!  But....what if Ginga is actually the spy?  Bronston gave you a pretty convincing story...and he said Ginga could get you to believe anything....

What Do You Do Now?

Who Do YOU believe?

Ginga?  The person that you have known since childhood?

Bronston?  Hand picked from Globalcon, and he warned you Ginga was a good liar.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Confronting Bronston...

 Okay so today, I am going to do something different, when the story ends with a decision needing to be made, instead of having options, I am going to leave it completely up to the commenter's on what needs to happen!  You can come up completely with your own, or if you see another commenter's idea that you like, you can agree with theirs, here we go! 

             You pace around your room all the while looking back at Petrys body.  You take a deep breath and burst through your door.  At that moment you feel the ship jerk and begin to move.  You are already taking off!  You run to the pilots area expecting to see Ginga at her station.  
             "Ginga! I.." you begin.  
             The tall black chair wheels around to reveal no Ginga, but Bronston!  Taken aback you just stare.  
              "Wher...where is Ginga?" you ask while taking a step back.
Bronston stands up. 
             "We need to talk." He begins to walk to the kitchen. You follow.  He sits down at the table and motions for you to sit down also.  You look around and slowly sit down.  He begins immediately.
              "Ginga was a spy.  She was hired from an unknown source to purposely delay our rescue mission. Possibly even kill us."
You stare with eyes wide.  
              "But I have known Ginga since..."
              "I know.  Globalcon did an extensive background check also, we didn't know."
            You are so confused, should you believe him?  You decide to come clean about everyone.  You HAVE to know the truth.
             "I...I saw you the alley.  I got the package you dropped. I saw the contents. and....Petry is gone because of those contents. He told me Ginga was in danger.  Now what is going on?!" Your voice raises.
             Bronston shifts in his chair.
             "That is how I found out about Ginga.  I saw on her personal computer she had made quick plans to meet with someone.  In fact she was suppose to meet with him because he was going to pose as a worker when she wanted someone to come refuel us.  I made her stay with the ship and I went to meet the man she was suppose to.  I told him she sent me and he told me what the company wanted her to do.  He gave me the package and upon learning what she was going to do, I threw it down.  I am sorry about Petry. As far as what he said, Ginga probably programmed that in case it got stolen. "  
           You sit back in your seat.
           "Where is she?" you finally ask.
           "I have her locked in the emergency lockdown quarters."
           "I am going to speak to her."
           Bronston immediately gets up.
            "No, you cannot do that.  She is trained.  She can get you to believe anything she wants. "
            Surprised at his insistence you agree that you will not.
           "Bring me what was in the package in the morning." he says as he walks out of the room.
            That doesn't actually stop you however.  You wait until all the lights are off in the private chambers and make your way down to the lockdown area.  You go down a flight of stairs to get there and its pitch black.  You see a tiny light from an almost burnt out bulb at the end of the hall in front of the cell.  You walk down quietly and see Ginga sitting on the floor with her knees into her forehead and arms tightly wrapped around her knees. 
            "Ginga..." you whisper.  
           She instantly looks up and quickly crawls to the door. 
            "Help me!!" She says quietly but wanting to scream. "Bronston is crazy!  He is a spy!  I got suspicious and he caught me trying to go through his personal computer!  He is going to kill us all!"

What Do You Do Now?

It's all up to you!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sneaking into the alley...

                 You send Petry back at the ship to find out what time the takeoff is planned for.  You stare at the empty alley and think of what to do.  At that moment you realize that the man standing in front of you who you asked a question was now just staring at you with a questioning look on his face.  
             "are you alright son?" he said.
             "Oh!  I'm fine!" you say as you jump back into the conversation.
              You find out the location of the nearest station and you walk around the area constantly keeping an eye out for Bronston while you walk closer and closer to the alley.  
Finally...there you the end of the long dark tunnel like area.  You glance around one more time and step into the shadows.
              You walk slowly and on edge, jumping at any slight noise. The ground, no longer paved, stirs up light brown dust with each step you take.  You see the package!  You kneel down and look at it.  It's a dark brown package that is now covered with dirt dust.  It doesn't have any writing on it.  But it looks quite mangled from the stomping.  You pick it up and begin to open it.  Instead of sticking your hand inside you tip the package so it's contents tumble out.  You see a electronic device of some sort, its been badly damaged so it's hard to tell what it originally was.  You examine it then put it back down.  There is a strange orange vile of liquid.  It's no larger than two fingers put together.  With a small corklike stopper holding the liquid in, you shake it as if it would help you to identify its contents.  You then notice a very small envelope.  You tear it open and a single piece of paper falls out.  Written on it, it says " When the time comes".  You turn the paper over and over trying to make sense of it.  You put all the things back in the package and put it under your coat.  You decide to take them back and see what Petry thinks.

                 You have already told Petry the whole story and are now showing him the contents.  
"This is very odd indeed, Sir" he says worriedly. He picks up the electronic device and pulls out a small piece from inside it.  He then proceeds to lower a door on his chest and inserted it inside. His eyes lit up as the contents spilled out in front of them.  You watched in anticipation as you waited to hear anything.
All of a sudden, Petry begins to yell!
              His eyes go black and his head slouches forward.  Your heart is racing. 
"Pete?.....PETE??" You start to shake him.  "Petry!!! Wake up!!"  You continue shouting and yelling as you begin to cry, knowing that he is not going to wake up.  You sit back on your heels, your face red as you stare at his powerless body.  "what have I done?" you think to yourself.  Petry had been your best friend as long as you can remember.  

What Do You Do Now?

1.  You, now angered more than you have ever been in your life, decide to check on Ginga, and confront  Bronston with your shipmates help.  You want to know NOW what is going on before this ship moves an inch.

2.  You, thinking now only of Petry decide to chance the ship leaving without you by running back out onto the planet and finding the Globalcon station, thinking that they will be able to fix him there.  Knowing that the chances are slim, but if ANY time is wasted, there will be no hope.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Refueling At the nearby planet.


           You glance around at all the faces staring back at you for your decision.  Your mind goes a mile a minute weighing options.  "I think we should refuel at the nearby planet" You say finally, in a very firm voice.  
Ginga huffs as she turns around and walks on.  Bronston gives you a quick head nod and turns and walks out.  Petry rolls up next to your bed.  "Sorry Pete" You say as you roll back over and go to sleep.

  You wake up to Petry's voice.
  "We have landed Sir"
"Thanks. How long was I out?"
"It only took us two hours to land here, Sir"
"Very well.  Hey Pete, maybe while we are here, we can see about getting your software updated at a Globalcon station!  You have been needing that for a long while."
                You pile out of bed and change your clothes.  You walk the ship to find your other crew members.  You find them in the dining area eating a meal that smelled surprisingly delicious.  You sit down as Atton slides a plate your way across the long counter.  "How long should the ship take to fix and refuel?" you ask to no one specific.
"If we find someone who knows what they are doing it shouldn't take more than a few hours." Gruffs Bronston.

                     You go the the ship's door and it slowly slides down.  The bright light hits your eyes and makes you squint. But this was different.  The light, instead of being a yellowy white that you were use to, had more of a blue tint to it.  "That's new" you thought to yourself.  You step out and Petry rolls alongside you.  Lets go find a station while they take care of the ship.  You walk along the paved grass-less ground and see many little buildings.  They look well constructed but you don't see anything over the size of a small house.  As you continue to walk down the street you see people scuffling around, going about their daily routines.  They look the same as you, they do seem a tad bit shorter than average though.  You now see shacks along the street of people selling strange shaped fruit and what you guess to be meat.  Nothing really looks that appetizing to you unfortunately.  
                   You've been walking around for an hour or so with Petry really just enjoying the sites, thinking you would have eventually ran into a station, but you haven't seem anything even resembling one.  You walk up to one of the short men running a small booth with jewelry for sale.  The jewelry was really like nothing you had ever seen before in your was so beautiful, so natural.  Any color you could imagine, swirled into smooth beads that had been strung into beautiful intricate designs.  Some beads as large and flat as your palm and some as small as a grain of sand, intricately woven.  You begin to ask the man about the station when all of a sudden out of the corner of your eye you see strange movement off in the distance.  You look past the man your talking to and see two buildings with a dark alleyway in between.  You distinctly see the figures...two figures...but what catches your eye is one of them looks strangely familiar.  A large shadow...with wide shoulders.  It's Bronston!  "But what could he be doing there?" you think.   Your eyes get wider as you see the big figure obviously start to get mad at the other figure he is talking to.  He began to throw his fists in the air and you could hear faintly his loud booming voice.  You see the second figure shrink in fear and hand him a package of some sort, or maybe an envelope.  The large figure grabs it and throws it into the ground and stomps it and then storms off.  The second figure does the same.  

What Do You Do Now?
1.  You wait awhile and sneak over to the now empty alley.  You decide you want to know what was being so maliciously stomped.  

2.  You decide to to go to the alley right away for fear that someone would come back and collect whatever it was that was left, and you decide to go confront Bronston about the strange conversation.  You are sure it is a misunderstanding.

3. You decide to bring it up later to Bronston and for now you want to get Petry's update worked out worried that without it, he may start having problems.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Accepting the Mission of Lab Ship #815

       "We accept the mission, Sir" You say without even hesitating.  "Globalcon thanks you and your team for your heroic actions!"  Said the man as the call ended.  You click off your screen as you look back over at Petry who is standing frozen holding a tray of dirty dishes.  "Sorry Pete." You say as you begin to get dressed.

        It is the late afternoon and you have assembled all of your crew.  Which consisted of Ginga, your pilot, Atton, your cook and Bronston, your navigator.  These are the finest men and women available and you feel a sense of pride seeing them preparing the ship. You help finish up the loading and you all pile in, including your robot, Petry.  Your ship is a pretty decent size ship, not the newest, or the fastest, but she can definitely get you to where you need to go.  You and your crew take one last look at your home planet and the ship closes its doors.  
     Ginga, a short middle aged and attractive woman, with long brunette hair pulled back in a low pony tail, brushes by you.
    "So are you scared?" she says as she sits down in the pilots chair and begins pushing buttons.  "I mean, I've never heard of anyone returning from Sierg alive."
    "Believe me , I've already heard all the statistics" you say as you shoot a sarcastic glance at your wellmeaning robot.  "but...I am worried about the 815, there are entire families on that ship."
    "I know, its terrible" Ginga added sorrowfully.
    Atton, a heavy older man with soft round features and a practically balding head, rushes by you trying to balance the large amount of kitchen utensils in his arms.  "Sorry!" he says in passing as he accidently steps on Gingas foot. She let out a small "Eep!" as his foot let off hers.
     Now Bronston, you didn't know as well as the others.  The others you had been to school with and had practically grown up with.  But Bronston had been sent over by Globalcon themselves.  He stood over in the corner with a handheld holographic  computer of some sort.  This must be a newly released device, you have never seen one quite like it.  It does all the things your computer does, but at a size no larger than his palm.  The holograph was pulling up galaxys and solar systems.  It was really fascinating to watch.  It was then that you really took notice of Bronston himself.  He was a huge man, wide shouldered and very tall.  He looked quite rough and stern, like the type of man you would never want as your enemy.
         You head to your private chambers and immediately lay on your bed.  Surprisingly more comfortable than you would think.  You have a small square window at the foot of your bed.  You turn over and glance out.  You see the open black nothingness and your thoughts begin to wonder.  You think about Seirg and the dangers that think of the Lab ship...and you have drifted asleep.  
        You sleep for hours and suddenly Ginga has burst into your room.  "Sorry to wake you sir! But we have been hit by a meteor! "  You sit straight up as your sleep fuzziness fades away fast.  "What?!"  "All it hit was the fuel line, It's nothing major but it's causing the fuel to leak!  I don't think we will have enough to get the Sierg galaxy! We can have a ship come refuel us, it would take a few days but it would be the safest option. "   Right about that time Petry, who had been waiting for you to wake rolls into the room.  "Sir based on the calculations I believe we have a %90 chance of making it the Seirg galaxy before the fuel runs out.  There is a peaceful planet right outside of the galaxy that I believe would help us. The lab ship is counting on us."   Before you can answer, Bronston rushes in past Ginga without an apology as he pushes her to the side.  "We need to stop.  There is no way we can make it and no guarantee that planet will help us" he said bluntly.  "We are right next to planet Jayos and we can refuel there. We will be of no use to Globalcon if we need rescuing ourselves, or if we arrive so late that they are never to be found or dead" He added condescendingly as he looked at Petry and Ginga.  You sit there with Ginga, Petry and Bronston waiting for your decision.

What Do You Do Now?

1.   You decide to follow Ginga's idea and call an assistant ship to come refuel you.  It would be the safest option, but it would take the longest and who knows what would happen to the Lab ship in the meantime.

2.   You decide to follow Petry's calculations and head to the Sierg galaxy, it would take the least amount of time because you would not have to go out of your way.  But who knows if that planet is still friendly.  And once in the Sierg galaxy, would you find fuel again?

3.  You follow Bronston's idea.  You were surprised by his bluntness and for lack of better words meanness, but since there is a nearby planet, it would be the safer and quicker of the three.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Space Adventure Begins!

I would like to give a quick thanks to everyone who commented and is following!  Thank you so much for your input and support!

The Story Begins....

Your eyes slowly adjust to the light coming in from your bedroom window.   "Good Morning, Sir"  says a familiar voice.  You look over to see Petry, your friend and helper robot.  He is holding up for you a buffet of freshly made food and juice.  "Good morning" you mumble as you swing your legs out of bed.   You take the tray and begin eating as Petry watches, waiting to take your dishes.  "Any new news on the missing laboratory ship Pete?" "Not yet, sir.  Globalcon is still searching. "  You continue to munch.  You glance over at your personal hologram computer and see a new news alert flashing on the screen.  You click it and a newsbot pops up on the screen.  You continue eating as he begins to speak.  " developments on the missing Globalcon Lab ship #815.  The last reported location was sent into us from the ship just a few hours ago.  The ship seems to be located in the Sierg Galaxy..."  You click off the newscast.  "Sir, I hope your rescue team doesn't get called out for that. " Petry says worriedly.  You look over at Petry as he begins to clear away your dishes.  "But Pete, I would have to go if they called, and you know that."
"But sir, the statistics alone make any choice to go out in that galaxy foolish!  Less than 3% of ships ever return!  More than 90% of those are just never heard from again!  Just lost forever! And on the off chance you do return, you are carrying so many unknown parasites and organisms with you, that Globalcon would never release you for the rest of your life."
"Petry, you need to relax.  They haven't even called me for the mission yet."
Right as those last words escape your lips, your phone rings on your screen.  "Yes?" you say to the face now on your screen.  The thick stern man begins speaking.  "Globalcon has requested you and your teams services on the rescue mission of Lab Ship #815. Do you accept?"

What Do You Do Now?

1.  You decide to accept the mission, throwing caution to the wind, and deciding to go into uncharted dangerous territory in which there is a small chance of survival.

2.  You decide to decline the mission, reasoning that even if you somehow made it to the ship, there is no way you would both come out alive.  

Saturday, October 2, 2010

You collect your thoughts and you firmly believe what you must do now. Even if this...thing was somehow civilized, there is no way it will be after it wakes up. You pull out your map and try to gauge where you are. Unfortunately since there is no way to tell where the sun is in this overcast forest, you are a little unsure of where to go. But nevertheless you know you don't have a lot of time. You grab the blanket and lay it out and start to grab any and every thing around that you think might be useful. You grab the corners of the blankets and tie them together and sling it over your shoulder. Your head and neck still aches as you are struggling under the weight. You slowly head in between the trees. It gets darker and darker and the trees get closer together. They trees become so dense that you can barely squeeze yourself and the blanket through. You hear no noise or sounds except the crackling of the small branches under your feet. All of a sudden you hear what you think it a growl from behind you. You stop and flip around. Nothing but continue walking but in a much quieter way. All of a sudden out of nowhere you take a step and your foot falls through a hole in the ground that was covered with dead branches and dirt. Before you can try to stop yourself, you fly forward into the dark pit and fall an easy 10 feet down. The branches and blanket bag crash down on top of you. After a few minutes of the shock wearing off, you feel a increasing pain in your left leg. The pain is now unbearable. It must be broken. You don't know what to do . Stuck in a whole with no way out. The days pass as you try anything you can to get out of the hole. Your leg hurts and becomes more swollen. You feel your stomach painfully yearning for food and your mouth parched from no water. After a few days, you realize that no one is coming to find close your eyes...and go into your final sleep.


Thank you everyone for your comments and participation! Now I am giving you another option, would you like to:
1. Conitinue the story from the last decision and hope that the story continues?
2. Start a completely new story and fresh start? (which I would also accept ideas for)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Option 3!

You lay there and contemplate what to do next. Your head swirls and aches as you try weighing the options. But you know, this thing is a wild animal and there is no way it won't kill you first. So while the monkey creatures back is turned, you open your eyes and carefully start to pull yourself up. 
You sit yourself up in the slowest manner you can and all the while your eyes are fixed on the beast. Your heart skips a beat as the monster freezes from what it's doing, as if it heard something. You freeze with your heartbeat pumping wildly into your ears. A breath of relief as the monster suddenly continues shuffling around with whatever he is holding. You glance around, looking for anything you can use to kill it, you see a large branch sticking out of the forest. You crawl, ever so quietly and clutch it. It makes a aloft crackling noise as you pull it off the ground. But the monster never notices. You stand leg, then the other. Slowly planting each footstep as you come closer to the beast. Your right behind him. Your amazed at how large this creature is. Twice the height of you, with long clean dark fur. Short legs and smaller head than you would expect. It's then that you notice this thing is wearing shoes! Laced up dark colored dress shoes! Before you even stop to think about what that means you swing the branch down on the beasts head. A loud whack and the beast is on the ground. Blood trickles from his wound as you drop the branch and stare. He didn't make a single sound. 
You stare at him as you see his chest rising up and down. You merely knocked him unconscious. It is now you see what he was holding, a earthen bowl with a orange liquid inside. You look around the area, as the adrenaline subsides. You feel you neck where the dart hit and its gone! You had forgotten about until now but the pain from it started pulsing on your neck. Around the area you notice it's some sort of camp area. There's a large blanket, food, campfire and various other things. "Oh no!" you think, "did I hurt something that was trying to help me?"

What do you do now?

1. You think that creature must be more intelligent and helpful then you thought so you decide to wait until the beast wakes up and hope that it forgives you for almost killing it.

2. You know that even if it was friendly, it's not going to be after it wakes up, so you decide to grab any food you can and head towards the village.