Monday, September 27, 2010

Thank you for all your comments!  Due to the tie, I will have to go with the option that was voted for first.  

(Continues)As you feel yourself start to panic, you remember your phone!  Your stand up and your hand hits your pockets with a loud WHAP, hoping to feel your phone.  Front pockets, back pockets, nothing.  You glance around and collapse onto your hands and knees searching every inch of the ground.  Finally, your hand speeds over a familiar sight.  Your iPhone!  Your grab it and look the screen.  Undamaged!  "Thats shocking." you say under your breath.  You click on the screen and all of a sudden it clicks back off!  Confused, you click it back on.  Again it clicks off.  Thats when you couldn't help but notice the phone getting warmer and warmer.  As you fight with it to stay on, it starts burning you!  You throw it to the ground, and not a moment too soon!  It starts smoking almost immediately and begins to turn a ominous shade of red.  It's at that time you see a glimmer of brown leather peeking from behind the grass where the phone landed.  Your wallet!  You reach down for it and open it up.  A small piece of folded yellowish parchment paper falls out.  "I don't remember that." you think to yourself.  As you unfold it you realize its a map!  You see a large area on the map that looks like a field.  "That must be where I am." you think.  Along the field on one side there is a large area of trees, and in the middle of them is something that looks like a carefully drawn village of some sort.  Its then you notice something even more the village, what looks like it's crudely written in a charcoal, you see the words "BEWARE DONT G..." and the letters trail off to nothing more than a squiggly line.  

What Do You Do Now?

1.  You through caution to the wind and decide to try and follow the map to the village, knowing it may be your only hope of finding help.

2.  You were raised better than to follow a creepy map, so you decide to stay put to figure out what is going on with your phone and study the map a little longer.

3.  You decide you want to be the furthest from that village you can possibly be, you wait a while, grab your cooled down phone and wallet, and head in what you think is the opposite direction.

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ghostburnz said...

i say number one.

Dan Smelter said...

three! i want to leave the bad place.

Oran said...

3, get the heck outta there!

kmartsmartsuperstar said...

One! Everybody picks one! Let's kill the villagers.

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