Sunday, September 26, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure!!

Welcome one and all!  I'll explain how this works and we can get started!  Today I will begin a fantastic story, but only part of it.  At the end of my daily entry, there will be options on how the story should continue.  Guess who decides?  You!  The commenter of course!  Just remember, every decision leads the story down a different path!  Whichever option gets the most comments is how the story will continue the next day.  And so on.  If the story abruptly ends because that option is chosen, then another story will begin.  Are you ready? Lets begin!  

     Your story begins early one morning.  You barely squint your eyes open to see the blinding light of the sun.  Your head aches and pulses as you try to think of where you are.  As your eyes get use to the light you open them a little wider.  At that same moment you feel the tickling of tall grass on your arms and legs.  You look around to see just that, tall grass for miles and miles around you.  Panic hits you as the memories of last night can't be found. You start to glance around faster and faster, as if hoping your surroundings will change.  But nothing does.  Tall waving grass and a cloudless blue sky.  Your heart beats as you try to collect yourself.

What Do You Do Now?

  1. You decide to start walking through the tall grass hoping to find a familiar place.
  2. You remember the best thing to do when your lost is to stay right where you are, because someone has to be trying to find you.
  3. You try to search desperately around on the ground for your phone, wallet, or anything else you normally carry on you. 

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kmartsmartsuperstar said...

3. I'm lost without my phone as it is. Led alone actually lost in the middle of nowhere.

Big Hoss said...

that got me so excited! YAY! :D LOLZZZZZ420

musicandmilk said...

I choose 3!

Totalitarian said...

1 Hahaha

qrrez said...

NUMBER 2! Nice thing you have going here, i will follow you:P

kikapu91 said...

Hmmm....definitely 1! I'm thinking it would be much more fun just to roll with it. :-)

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