Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Story!

For new readers, here is how this works, I will start a story and give you, the readers, options. Then, based on your votes in the comments, I will continue the story!

You open your eyes slowly and gradually as a single beam of blinding light sits perfectly on your eyes. You blink and wince as your eyes try to adjust. You move out of the beam of light, as you try to understand your surroundings. All you see is darkness around you. The small beam of light shines in through what seems to be a crack above you. Your head aches fiercely as you try to remember where you are...or even who you are. You outstretch your hand and it almost instantly hits a hard, cold, metal wall. You jump as it makes a loud thump that echos around you. You more slowly this time, reach your hands all around you. You are in a box. Hardly enough space to lay down. The ground is covered in what feels like rough straw. A million things race through your mind as you try to figure out what to do. You slowly stand up to see if you can look through the crack shining with light. All of a sudden you start to hear low whispers and grumbles. And the light disappears as if something is blocking it.

What do you do?

1. You scream and start to tell for help! You don't care who is outside your box, you need help!

2. You back against the wall of your box and hold your breath so as not to make a noise.

3. You decide to try with all your night to kick the metal wall. Your only hope is that it is made of a thinner sheet metal.

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